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Odoo Integrations

The Power Integrator has been recognized by the Odoo community to be an exceptional integration tool that allows quick turnaround implementations for Odoo users. The Power Integrator acts as the bridge between Odoo and your other essential business applications to ensure a seamless integration of data between systems.

Odoo ready to use Connectors

In close cooperation with the Odoo community, we have implemented a robust platform to manage and deploy Odoo integration workflows. Using the workflow management tools and technology of the Power Integrator, it is now possible to connect your Odoo application to any on-premise or cloud based applications. Connect with our sales team to discuss options for your Odoo environment.

Odoo Integrations

Ready to connect

Power Integrator presents ready-to-deploy integration workflow options for Odoo. Unlock the full potential of your Odoo environment and streamline your business using the end-to-end automations. We have a wide variety of predefined integration points and re-usable connectors which we can tailor to your specific requirements.


Odoo Workflow as a service (Waas)

Out of the box integration

Odoo workflows are delivered as a pay-per-workflow monthly service. We implement the out-of-the-box integration with any desired application and run the workflow on the Odoo dedicated Power Integrator deployment. There is no need for infrastructure or any type of upfront investement. Workflows and Integrations are working 24/7.


Secure and reliable

Dedicated resources

Our Power Integrator - Odoo Cloud has been deployed with Odoo security pre-requisites. Your workflows will be deployed in a private environment and data is securely stored. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to monitor and support your Odoo integrations.

Integration Solutions

Other types of integration soluitions

SMB Solutions

Workflows as a service

Application Integration

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